Saturday, June 28, 2008

Under Pressure

A few nights ago I told Jodi that I was on the verge of another nervous breakdown. Obviously this is a common occurance since he never took his eyes off the TV and replied, "What for now?". I feel like I've got a million things to do and just not enough time. Although I probably don't really have as much to accomplish as I think I do. But sometimes it all just feels like I can't get it all done.

Jodi's two sisters and their husband and boyfriend are coming in next week. Half of them will stay here for three nights and the other half at Jodi's aunt's house. We'll be doing the 4th of July cookout on Friday. I'm very excited about that. I love to have people over for a little party. But there are just things to do to get ready for that. Now, do they care that I don't have mulch in my front flower beds or that I never got around to taking that bag of clothes to the GoodWill? Absolutely not. But those are the things that will drive me nuts this week.

One other little hitch is that today is Saturday which, since I work full time during the week, is the day that I get a LOT of things done around the house. But today I am out of pocket all day. I've been asked to sit on the board of directors for the kids' school. It's a tremendous honor and I'm humbled to be able to do it. However, today is my first board meeting and it is the annual ALL DAY retreat. So I'll be at school from 8am until 3pm. So my day is pretty much shot here on the homefront.

On the birthday front, wishing a happy birthday and lots of high pressure systems to my favorite weather guy Ron Childers. I probably shouldn't tell you how old he is. But I'm happy to report that he is older than ME. Also celebrating a birthday today is Memphis born Kathy Bates who turns 60 and John Elway who is 48.

Speaking of weather, looks like we will be getting some rain this afternoon and tonight.

Take Gauge's advice and just hang around and enjoy your day.

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MOM said...

If he were still with us, your grandfather would be eating cake today.


From down the hall said...

Sounds like you should be working "summer hours". :-)