Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Could it be?

I think my tomato plant has two blooms on it!!! I tried to take a picture, but they were too small and my camera couldn't focus. So stay tuned.....

Great spinning throw by my boyfriend last night to help the Yankees beat the first place Devil Rays last night. Here's another clip of his two run double. Jeter was on fiiiiii-yaaaaah as was pitcher Andy Pettitte.

Another very hot day today. The Bloggie Doggie reminds you to hydrate.

For some reason, I had problems with my shins during this morning's intervals. So I just had a nice little slow run on the treadmill and then did the regular Fit Yummy Mummy exercises. I'm half way through week three....The planks are getting a bit easier, but no funner. The squats remain painful.

Celebrating birthdays today are Tom Hanks (52), Jimmy Smits (love him) (53) and (if you care) O.J. Simpson (61).

And lastly, in the "What Was You Thinking?!" department, Doneal Mack has decided the grass isn't always greener. Go Tigers!

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