Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is it really only Tuesday?

The Captain bought Gauge a new doggie Frisbee last week. He *loves* it and sits at the back door and barks, begging us to go out and play with him.

I finished reading "Alone" last night. It was a good one. If you're looking for some good summer suspense, I recommend anything by Lisa Gardner. I've been tearing through her stuff lately. Will start her next one tonight.

Webster's has added over 100 new words to their latest dictionary edition. Always funny to hear what they are now considering real words. I am especially fond of the official recognition of the "mental health day".

Looks like Big Bertha isn't going to be all that big. Well, at least not on land. And all we've got here is hot, hot hot.

And, finally, in the birthday department....There are 50 candles on Kevin Bacon's cake today. I was actually surprised he is that old. He's been in a ton of movies, thus the easy ability to play the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. But, he'll always be Ren McCormack to me....and any song from that movie takes me right back to my senior year in high school.....Everybody cut footloose!

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