Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's 12:30 pm. Do you know where your children are?

Why is it that sometimes when I'm with my kids (especially when I've been the only parent around for two weeks....) that I just scream in my head I WISH I HAD A BREAK. And then when I get a break from them (like today - well, it's not really a true BREAK, because I'm at work) and am away from them, then all I really want to do is be with them? And maybe it's on my mind because Thing 2 wasn't home last night. And it's not like they've gone off to summer camp for a week or something. Because I'll be back with both of my kids tonight. And on a 'normal day' (whatever that is), I'd be at work right now anyway and not with them anyway. I know that they are both having a great day doing whatever it is they are doing, especially C. who was very excited for his "boys day" with Nanny. But right this minute, I wish I were home with both of them. *Sniff*

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