Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today is hot, hot, hot

I tivo'd a stability ball/pilates show on Fit TV yesterday and did that this morning. It felt good and I'm glad I finally got my lazy behind out of bed and did it. The show was actually even enjoyable and 'non-annoying' as some video workouts can be.

Today will be hot, hot, hot. High today is 96. When you factor in the humidity, I think the heat index will hover around 235 degrees. It's definitely the Dog Days of Summer. Bloggie Doggie loves that and urges you to chill out today. He's getting a head start. (PS - His tummy issue is much better thank you.)

The kids went home with my sister after church last night so I had the entire house all to myself (insert angelic singing here). That is a rarity for sure. I actually WATCHED A MOVIE. The whole thing. In one sitting. (Anne, can you believe that?!) I had tivo'd The Memory Keepers Daughter which was on Lifetime a few weeks ago. Dermot Mulroney was in it and he is a pleasure to look at I tell you. (Emily Watson plays the nurse. She was also the mom in Water Horse. I finally figured that out. ) I read the book awhile back. Good read and good movie. Check it out if you can.

Today is Lucie Arnaz's birthday. She is, of course, Lucille Ball's (my all time fave) daughter. She turns 57.

Today is also National Peach Ice Cream Day. I think we should celebrate.

Stay cool people.

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