Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Antiques to an 11-year old

The Captain and the kids have gone on a little road trip to take care of some family business. Long story that I'm not getting into. But, cutting to the chase, Jordan has just experienced, for the first time in her 11 years, using a rotary dial phone. She called me and was just beside herself. "I just really wanted to use one of these things. You were the only person I could think of to call. Listen to this (dialing numbers). This is soooooooo cool!"

Just for kicks, I found a picture of a phone JUST LIKE the one I had in my room when I was a tween. Yes, it was yellow.

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MOM said...

Remeember when we were moving and I was weeding out things. There sat your "yellow" phone in the midst of things. She came in the kitchen with it in her hand and said - what is this. When we told her, she said how does it work. Now she knows.

angie said...

She asked how it worked and when I told her you put your fingers in the holes with the appropriate numbers, she did just that. And nothing else. She pushed the numbers like a push button phone. Didn't even realize you have to TURN THE DIAL. So funny. But honestly, how would she know that?

Anonymous said...

What would she have done with the OLD TIMEY - hang on the wall, pick up receiver and say "Operator please" - or better yet - have the neighbors listening in on the "party line"?
Well she learned something today and school has not started back yet.

MOM said...

What is funny is to look around your house and wonder which thing your grandchildren will come home someday and tell Jordan all about what they saw at gramdma Nanny's house-----Maybe you should print this blog regularly and put it in a time capsule.