Friday, August 15, 2008

Flashback Friday

Today's Flashback Friday picture features the Bloggie Doggie with one of his little toys. He suggested using this one because of the rings - kind of in honor of the Olympic rings. He's a very creative little doggie.

As an added bonus at no charge to you, my blogophiles, I've added a more current version of the original clasic which I took this morning.

Unfortunately, the Bloggie Doggie was still very, very sleepy during this photo shoot.

The neato folks at Google are celebrating the Olympics by honoring the sport of badmitton. Yes, it's a sport too. Just like table tennis.....

I leave you today with some Fascinating Friday Facts about the Olympics:

The United States has hosted more Olympics than any other country. Can you name the host cities? St. Louis (1904), Los Angeles (1932 & 1984) and Atlanta (1996).

The motto for the Olympic games is "Citius Altius Fortius" which means Swifter Higher Stronger.

Beijing is the world's largest city with over 1 billion people. One fifth of the world's population lives in China.
Over 10,500 athletes will compete in 302 events in 28 sports.

The five interlocking rings of the Olympic flag symbolize the five continents of the world (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas) "linked together in friendship." Olympics founder Pierre de Coubertin claimed that at least one of the rings' colors (blue, yellow, black, green, and red, along with the white background) was present in each country's national flag.

The Bird's Nest is a 91,000-seater venue with a four-star hotel with 80 rooms under one of its sides, a gourmet restaurant with views of the athletics track, and a twin-level underground shopping centre. It took four years to build.

The Water Cube, with hosts the swimming events, is a $143.2 million facility. It seats 17,000 people. An LED light system displays 16.7 million different tones to turn it into a kaleidoscope both inside and out. And, history has indeed been made at this colorful place.

The next summer Olympics will be held in 2012 in London. Vancouver hosts the winter Olympics in 2010.

I'm so glad today is FINALLY FRIDAY. This first week back to school has been good and relatively smooth. But man are we all tired....

Have a gold medal day people.

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