Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gold, Not Gold, and Heavy Gold

Sporting his "great haul of China", Golden Boy Michael Phelps graces the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated, set to hit newstands tomorrow. I found this little bit of trivia pretty interesting:

It's possible that Phelps could become just the fifth subject to ever grace the covers of Sports Illustrated, Newsweek and Time in the same week. The other four:
1) Secretariat - week of June 11, 1973
2) Mary Lou Retton - week of August 10, 1984
3) O.J. Simpson - week of June 16, 1994
4) 1999 - U.S.A. women's soccer team - week of July 19 1999

An article in today's Washington Post says research shows that bronze medalists are happier than silver medalists. Silver medalists tend to obsess about the reasons they came up short while bronze medalists are just happy to have made it to the top three. An athlete's reaction is based on their expectations. If an athlete is set on winning gold, receiving any other medal will be a disappointment. If the goal is to merely win a medal, then any shade provides happiness. Interesting.

And finally, this very very strong guy from Germany won the gold medal in the heaviest weightlifting division and also won the right to call himself the world's strongest man. He lifted a total of 258 kilograms (which is 568.8 pounds) OVER. HIS. HEAD. But then he cried like a baby, because he had won the gold for his wife, who died in a car wreck last year. Grab a kleenix and read this.

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