Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I have no title for this post

I know you have all set your alarms to get up extra early this morning to see if I completed Week 2/Day 2 of the Hundred Push Up Challenge. Well, hit your snooze and roll over, because I completed all of my push ups. Thank you very much. It's getting a bit harder each day. I guess that's the plan. And at this point, I cannot see my doing 100 consecutive push ups. Because push ups are hard people. They are not fun at all. Stay tuned.

Today is Lucille Ball's birthday. I Love Lucy is my all time fave show. I. Love. That. Show. I got the complete series for Christmas from my MIL. The kids started watching them at night and have made it through the entire set and have started again. I love to hear them laughing at the shows while they watch them. Even now, hen I watch them, I will laugh like I've never even seen it before. It's still hilarious time after time. I remember when she died. I was working at the radio station and it came across the wire that she had died. Tom P. came in to my office to tell me about it before he announced it on the air. He didn't want me to just hear it on the radio. I think that was 1989. Anyway, I heart Lucy. Funniest lady ever.

Good grief. Make this stop already. Can anybody even keep up with the Favre saga? I'm so over it. The Bloggie Doggie is bored with it too.

And finally, I've never really followed the NBA. Every once in awhile, I will watch the playoffs, but really no interest. This year may be a different story.....

Thanks to Connie for sending me this uber cute photo.

Make it a good one people. Peace. Out.

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connie said...

Is that not the cutest thing?..I love, who do we follow?? (you know who I will follow!!)

angie said...


I want to watch CDR just blow everybody away and show that he is SO NOT a 40th draft pick.