Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jets Get Brett

What? you say....Yes, while you were sleeping, the Brett Favre era at Green Bay officially (and FINALLY) came to a close. They traded him. And NOT to Tampa Bay as had been the suspected direction. Interesting little caveat to the trade:
The exact compensation wasn't immediately available, but it is believed to be a fourth-round draft pick that increases in value depending on how the Jets perform in the 2008 season. According to the NFL Network, if Favre takes 50 percent of total snaps with the Jets in 2008, the fourth-rounder becomes a third-round pick. If he gets 70 percent of the snaps and the Jets make the playoffs, it becomes a second-round pick; and if he gets 80 percent of snaps and the Jets make the Super Bowl, it becomes a first-round pick.
Basically, the better Favre does with the Jets, the higher the draft pick for the Packers.

Also, while you were sleeping (probably), I did some pilates this morning. Off day for the pushups. Speaking of off, I'm OFF work today - yippee!

The Olympics officially start tomorrow!! Did you know they've already been playing soccer? I just read this about the other Hamm brother. That's too bad. I also read this about the TV coverage. I should totally be able to get my Olympic fix.

Surely this isn't right?

And did I just hear Tim Van Storm say the r-word????

I found this in the bathroom floor last night. That Bloggie Doggie is one talented canine I tell you.

He is just glad the Favre soap opera is over. He was tired of hearing about it and bored with the whole 31 day saga.

Lastly, what does a 6 year old boy do with a roll of tape, a Batman action figure, and a parachute guy?

I just heard thunder people. It's gonna' be a great day!

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