Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcome to our world Molly Kate!

In honor of the world's newest member, today's post will be in PINK!

After a very long day and tough labor, my friend Anne delivered the most precious baby. Molly Kate was born at 6:22 pm and weighed in at a most petite 5 lb, 14 oz. We got to meet her last night. She is beautiful and tiny and precious. Happy Birthday Molly! Welcome to our world!

Snippet of a conversation earlier in the evening while we were at home waiting, just knowing that at that exact minute Anne was working so hard to get Molly here:

Jordan: "I'm so nervous. I'm about to have a cow."
Cooper: "You mean CALF."

I was afraid for awhile yesterday that Cingular was going to cut my phone off because I received and/or sent no less than 200 messages yesterday. I'm sure they thought I was a member of the drug cartel or something. But technology is amazing, and it helped keep a lot of us informed with updates, sometimes exactly when they were happening. Anne's husband didn't want to leave the delivery room, so he would text me some info and I would call the other family members that were in the waiting room. The texting played a pretty key part in the day's events.

It was a long, amazing, and very emotional day.....

Today's Flashback Friday features the precious baby Bloggie Doggie just a day or so after we got him. I think he was about five pounds too!!

I wrapped up week 4 of the push up challenge. Looks like I have to retest this weekend before moving on. I took a peek at what's ahead for week 5. Be very afraid.

Enjoy your Friday. Give a little hip hip hooray for Molly today people!

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