Thursday, September 11, 2008

A little blues

The Bloggie Doggie has found the harmonica and would like to play a little tune for you on this lovely Thursday morning. So sing along people in your best jazzy voice!

(Yes, the wahh-wahhs are the harmonica sounds.)

I used to be a dog
Just a regular ol' pet
But then I was put on a blog
And am the hit of the internet
I am the Blogggggggggie Doggie
The Bloggie Doggie.

All eyes on Ike over the next day or so. It still looks pretty unpredictable and appears to be gaining some strength as it churns over the Gulf. Concerned for my SIL who lives in Houston.
The Arkansas-Texas game has been postponed due to the impending storm. This beating has been rescheduled to September 27 when both teams have a bye. Perfect. That has us playing - in three consecutive weeks - Alabama, Texas & Florida. Mercy me.

That's about all for me this morning. Busy day and evening ahead. All four of us are in four different places tonight - always a challenge. Cooper has practice at school. Jordan has practice at a different school. I have a board meeting at yet another school. And the Captain will be busy keeping the peace. But tomorrow is Friday which brings the weekend which is lovely. Even if it doesn't bring much rest.

Catch you later people!

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