Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday again?

I'm back among the living now that I have my internet working again. It was an awful feeling for me to not be connected to my email and the internet. Yes, I'm addicted...

Time to be the Monday Morning Quarterback while we talk a little football...
How about the Alabama-Georgia game? Wowie. There was a chance Bama would have come out #1 in this weeks poll, but they didn't quite make it. Altho pundits now have them projected to play for the BCS national championship.

The upset of the weekend was Ole Miss & Florida. Can't believe Mississippi won that - in the swamp even. I was at a volleyball game, but Connie kept me informed with play by play texts. (I thank you and everybody in the bleachers thanks you!)

I don't even want to talk about the whipping Arkansas received from Texas. We play Florida next week. Thank you sir, may I have another....

The Bloggie Doggie thinks he has found his long lost litter mate. He's so funny - he will just sit there - holding this big stuffed dog that is as big as he is - and just look around like he really thinks we won't notice. La la la....

Sad to hear about Paul Newman's death over the weekend. Sad too that my kids don't know who he is. Not that they really would. (Although Jordan had heard of Newman's Own dressing.) But I thought maybe they would have at least heard about some of his movies, especially since the Captain watches some of that old stuff.

Me: He was in Cool Hand Luke. Haven't you heard of that?

Kids: Nope.

Me: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid?? You've seen Daddy watch that.

Kids: No.

Me: Towering Inferno? The Sting?

Kids: Ummm, nope.

Me: Hmmmm. He was the voice of Doc Hudson in Cars.

Kids: Ohhhhhhh, HIM!!!

I was talking about how good looking he was and I showed Jordan a picture of him.

Jordan: He's not cute.
Me: No, he's not cute. He's HANDSOME.

Speaking of great looking old men, Huey Lewis on Friday night just totally rocked. He still has it. He sounded great - his music is so fun. And even though it's 80's music, it doesn't sound like 80's music. He's 58 years old - looks good. He has some great jeans genes. Great show. Nice venue. Good time. I loved it.

Happy Monday people!

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