Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday's schedule

Today's to do list

  • Soccer game
  • Lunch with the Captain's grandmother
  • Volleyball game
  • Sunday school dinner
  • College football - some great matchups today. Too bad we won't be home until later tonight and will miss several of them. Rooting for the Hogs of course. Will be tough to beat Alabama. May be glad I won't be able to see that game.
The Bloggie Doggie hopes he can do some passing, setting and hitting today.
Believe me, he is NOT as repentant as he looks in this picture. And yes, he is holding the volleyball in his mouth.

Caught the varsity football game last night. Very exciting win. Temps were perfect. Company was enjoyable. Perfect night.

I was stunned last night when I realized another toenail was coming off. Guess it was from the marathon too. But it never turned black. I took my polish off and realized the nail was kind of sticking out. When I touched it, the whole thing peeled off in my hand. Gross. Thank goodness flip-flop weather is ending....

Hope you have a great Saturday people. Do your chores and enjoy some college football!

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