Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So there!

So you'd think I would be over the Tigers loss in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP by now....It was six months ago. Remember that game? The one where Mario Chalmers hit a 3 point buzzer beater to put the game into overtime......Overtime. When the Tigers just couldn't pull it off? And we lost. We lost the National Championship.

Well, I'm not over it. I still get that sick feeling in my stomach whenever I allow myself to think about it. Call it sour grapes. Call me a sore loser. But I'm still just sick about it. Sick I tell you. And I STILL don't like that kid.

Mario Chalmers.

Last second shot to give them what they needed to win. He was the hero. All over the news.

Mario Chalmers.

Remember our pleading and begging and screaming and crying.... "His foot was on the line!!!"

Was it?

Wasn't it?

Did they deserve that win? The National Championship.

The. National. Championship.

Did he cheat?

Was his foot on the line?

All I have to say now is this....

Cheaters never win.

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

connie said...

We never speak of that game in this house....

angie said...

If only they had drug tested Mario and Darell like they did Andre...

The "if only" world is a tough place to live....