Monday, September 8, 2008

We get a two-fer if we make it through today!

Here we are...back at Monday. Didn't we just do this? Let's just gear up and do it again! Hope you had a good weekend. We had a busy one, not a lot of rest, but it was nice. Did you notice that the sun and shadows looked a little fallish on Saturday?? Love that.

Monday Morning Quarterback....
Tom Brady is hurt. Out for the season?

Brett Favre was hot and continues to be unstoppable.

Memphis lost in a heartbreaker. Sad, sad way to lose.

Arkansas won. Barely. Again. I'm not liking the way this is looking.

Tonight's Monday Night Football is a doubleheader! Can you handle it people?!? The first game is Vikings vs. the Favreless Packers (6pm-9pm). Followed by the Broncos vs. Raiders (9p-12a). I am *really* excited to watch my former Razorback star Darren McFadden making his NFL debut tonight as a Raider. Jordan has a volleyball game tonight, so we won't be able to watch all of the first game. I'll definitely have to squeeze in a nap sometime today so I can catch the late game!! (CC friends, if you see my door shut today, I'm in a VERY IMPORTANT meeting and CANNOT be disturbed!) I *love* Monday Night Football!! Cue the music and get excited people!!

The Bloggie Doggie is funny when he plays with his toys.

He starts like this....

Then rolls over like this....

Then starts holding it with his paws like this....

Then just lays there on his back and plays with it like this.....

And sometimes he looks ferocious like this..... Grrrrr!!!

In the "It's Not Easy Being Green" Department...Did you read about the green polar bears? Three bears at the Toyko zoo have turned green.

They think it's from thier swimming in a pond overgrown with algae. The algae gets in the hollow spaces in the bears' fur and is hard to rinse off, but they expect the bears to return to their normal polar bear color in the fall when the algae levels drop in the pond. Now, is it me, or did some of the polar bears at our zoo have a greenish color years ago? I seem to remember that.

Cooper saw these sweet babies when I got home from the grocery....

.....and said "Now that's what I call awesome! I love grapes! I love grapes so much you should have just NAMED me Grape."

Hope this Monday has you singing the Monday Night Football theme song people! Have a great one. Peace. Out.

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