Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Tough day today for the Captain. His grandfather died last Friday night (while we were in Disney) and the services are today in Missouri. G'Daddy P. was in his 80s, and suffered from the usual 'elderly ailments', but wasn't really in poor health. So his death was actually kind of sudden. In fact, the Captain had just talked to him on the phone about 15 minutes before he died. Won't get into the whole story, but basically, we had a few minutes while we waited to catch up with our group and the Captain was going to try to call him, but thought he may already be headed to dinner. But he tried anyway. I'm so glad that they were able to talk. And I truly believe that wasn't an accident that it happened that way. G'Daddy P. was someone who was very influential in the Captain's life; he really helped raise the Captain and he is one of the reasons that the Captain is the person he is today. The Captain left early this morning and me and the kids are headed up later this morning. Hope you will pray for the Captain (and his mom, my MIL) today.

On this date in 1951, the best TV show EVER made its debut...I LOVE LUCY!!! It is, by far, my all time fave show. I have passed my love for the show on to my kids and they are fans now too! I love to hear them laughing while they watch it. Or for them to come up to me and say "This is the one where Lucy......" and give me the run down.

Cooper made some very clever shoes after my recent trip to the grocery.

The Bloggie Doggie wishes I had bought four more 12-packs so he could he could have some soda shoes too.

I really have no explanation for what I found in the refrigerator last night.....

Live your life today people. It's all we are promised anyway.

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