Monday, December 8, 2008

Are ya' done?

So, are you finished with your shopping? I tried to get some of this knocked out this weekend and actually made some progress. My list is pretty good sized. I shop for 19 family members. And then add in teacher gifts, school party gifts and service project gifts, and other various gifts on the list. This year at work, we decided to adopt some Salvation Army angels and buy for them rather than buy gifts for each other. I'm glad we decided to do that for many reasons. But it also eliminated another ten people or so off my gift list.

My goal THIS WEEK is to finish all my shopping. Then comes the dreaded wrapping....It's fun for the first ten presents....Then, no thanks....And I have some help (which I welcome) for the first five presents....Then, no thanks.
What about you? How's your shopping coming?

Here's where Jerry was seen hanging around this weekend. He's a funny little elf.

It also seems that we had a serious parachuting accident yesterday in my den. Fortunately, the Christmas tree broke his fall. No injuries were reported.

Have a happy Monday people. Good luck out there doing your Christmas shopping. And spread some holiday cheer while you do it. Let someone else go in front of you at the check out line. It won't kill you. That small act will be the difference in their day. And you'll both leave the store feeling pretty good. I promise.

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