Monday, December 15, 2008

Has Anybody Seen the Phone?!

We said that more than once at our house this weekend. And will probably be saying it a few more days. It is no accident that the first four letters of paint are P-A-I-N. It has been a little painful. And I'm not even the one painting! It's just all the work that has to go into getting ready for painting. Moving all the furniture away from the walls, taking things down from shelves, moving things's just a little nuts.

And then, when you move this stuff away from the walls, guess what you find? DUST. Oh. My. Word. The dust. Please tell me I'm not the only person who doesn't regularly clean behind their furniture. Or clean their baseboards. Or wash their windows (Which was another grisly disovery when the blinds came off. Yuk! I don't wash the outside of my windows. I thought the rain did that....)

Our painter (who is wonderful and I would recommend him in a heartbeat if you are looking for a painter) did the den, foyer, dining room, and hallway (and all the trim, crown moulding, mantle, window frames, etc) on Saturday. Man, a *real* painter sure is fast! He's coming back tomorrow to do the kids' bathroom, the stairway, our bed & bathroom, and some additional trim touchups.

The new paint is gorgeous and I love it! Even the Captain, who tends to be a little indifferent, loves it.



The color is called Trench Coat. It's kind of like a brown paper bag. Even though it kind of looks greenish in the picture.

I also noticed that we replaced the pictures backwards from how they were originally. Oh well. Doesn't matter.

As upended as this house has been, Jerry seemed to still be able to find a few safe places to land this weekend. A few times, we really had to search hard...

The weather today in Memphis is gonna' be nuts. At 4:45am, the temp was 63 degrees. By 5:30am, it was 42. They are predicting freezing rain by the end of the day. Nuts I tell you.

Be careful out there people!

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connie said...

That looks so pretty! I can't wait to see it in person. I'm making the obligatory run to Kroger...don't really need anything but when there is snow/ice in Memphis forcast everybody goes there and I don't want to miss the party!

MOM said...

I went to Walmart - not many people there and they had plenty of bread. Guess their party is later in the day -ok, so I missed it - so what. I'll have my own party this afternoon with my grandchildren. I saw the paint Saturday and it is really pretty.

Anonymous said...

The paint is very pretty. Aren't you glad that you made this quick decision? If you are iced in tomorrow - you can enjoy looking at your new paint and "look for the phone.
Love ya!