Monday, June 1, 2009


Happy first day of summer to my peeps.

Jordan hits the summer ground running by participating in her first official youth group activity. "Serve Week". It's serving others via manual labor. Wear her out during her first week. A most excellent plan. No sleeping in for her this week. Nope. Get up girl and put your work gloves on. Let's go go go!

Cooper gets a week off from any planned scheduled activities this week. So his leisurely summer is effective immediately. I see a lot of water guns and Scooby Doo in his future.

I love summer vacation. Even though I don't get one. But I kind of live vicariously through everybody else.

Everything is just so much more relaxed. Well, kind of. We still have a busy summer schedule which requires getting the kids to different places during some weeks.

But there is no bedtime. No homework. No backpacks or uniforms. It's just an easier pace.

Microwave popcorn and ice pops. Multiple trips to Blockbuster. Movies. Movies. And more movies. Stacks of books for lazy summer reading.

Late nights. Late mornings.

Shorts and t-shirts. Lots of pajamas.

Swimming lessons. VBS. Science camp. Church retreats.

Sunscreen and bug spray.

Ahhhhhh......summer. Welcome back.

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JuJu said...

Your post makes me want three months off from work!