Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Recap

Wow! What a busy, non-stop, full of fun weekend! And what better way to sum it all up than with bullet points? I heart me some bullet points.

  • Friday night I got rear ended by a girl who was arrested for DUI shortly thereafter. No injuries to people or vehicles. But what a scene it was. When it was all said and done, six squad cars made the scene -- not counting the DUI van. Membership has its privileges I guess. Sadly the girl that hit me had a 2 year old in the car with her and really had no business driving. She was a total mess. I guess when it's all said and done, I'm glad her bumping into me was what got her off the road. It could have been a tree or another car or something. Probably the most tragic thing of all was that I was in my most lovliest Friday night state ever -- i.e. yoga pants, flip flops, CLIP IN MY HAIR, no make up. Standing on the corner of a pretty darn busy intersection holding my driver's license and insurance card. Did I mention I had a clip in my hair? Hello everybody!

  • After a few text messages from Jordan to some of her friends who then told other friends who then told their parents, the story got totally spun. Totally. Spun. Someone told me yesterday they had heard I was crossing the street on foot and got hit by a drunk driver and was in the hospital.

  • My grocery buying patterns change in the summer when the kids are home all day long.

  • Cooper turned seven on Saturday. What happened to my little boy? *Sniff* I have never seen a kid more excited about having a birthday than he was on Saturday.

  • Sunny day + water guns + swimming pool + chicken nuggets + cookie cake = a day full of fun for Cooper and some neighborhood boys. Who says you have to spend $400 at a jumpy place?

  • Tween girls = emotional rollercoasters.

  • We went to the Redbirds game Saturday night. The kids made it on the big screen by dancing and waving the foam finger around. Good times.

  • Boys get very dirty and require many baths.

  • Sunday I went to church, came home and fixed birthday lunch for 12 people, took Jordan back to church for a youth event, came home and did 29,347 loads of laundry, went back to church to teach Children's Bible Hour (Not my gift. Just sayin'.), and helped with the youth group devo that night. Whew! And amen.

  • I watched Glee and loved it. Anybody else seen it?

  • I need to go back to work today to get some rest.

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