Monday, July 13, 2009

Paper and crayons and pens....oh my!

I am proud to announce that the task of the annual purchase of school supplies has been completed.

Personally, I like to go purchase school supplies. Because I love school supplies. Paper and pens and notebooks.....I could hyperventilate right now. Swoon.

Since The Daughter will be in 7th grade this fall, her list of supplies has changed greatly. It is basically 359 spiral notebooks, 29,381 packages of notebook paper (both wide ruled {my personal fave}and college ruled {not a fan}), aaaaannnnnnd my all time favorite item in all the school and office supply universe: INDEX CARDS (clap clap clap!!!). She needed 7,400 index cards (ok, it was really closer to 500, but you can never have enough of those lovely babies).

I was fortunate to snag multiple packages of the 29,381 required packages of notebook paper because I remember the quest for paper last year. I'm telling you -- notebook paper was non-existent. And people were stalking the poor Target stocker people as they filled the shelves with this hot commodity. So, I in my ever amazing wisdom, grabbed enough paper to last her until 10th grade. Or November. Whichever comes first.

She also needed a protractor -- and I'm not sure what that even is. But I pretended like I did. And I admit that I thought it was that thing that is actually called a compass. Whatever that is. Hey don't judge - science is not my best subject people.

Thankfully, The Son is still young enough that he still has to have crayons, glue sticks, and scissors. **Deep sigh**. So all is still right with my world.

One thing that was on his list, however, was a "clear ruler".

Me: 12" clear ruler. Clear ruler? Clear? What's a clear ruler?
Daughter: It means you can see through it.

I am so proud of that girl and her smartness.....

Summer is more than half way over. *sniff*

Speaking of sniff, I'm going to go sniff the crayons.

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JuJu said...

Do you use index cards around the house, say for grocery lists, or what not?

Who would have ever thought that paper would be such a treasured find!!

Kearsie said...

I am going to go the brave and adventurous route this year -- I'm waiting for Tax Free Weekend so I can save $3.81 or thereabouts and fight the bullying crowds of Walmart for all my girls' school supplies.

I'm so adventurous and brave, I might not even go with a list.

Jessica said...

haha, I love it! Can't wait to shop for school supplies with my little one! I've always been a big fan of school supplies and office supplies...did I mention my obsession with highlighters and post it notes??

w said...

i love school supplies. so far. i've only purchased glue sticks. 12 of them.

they're all for me. because glue sticks rule.

and once my rubberband ball is complete. i shall have my own portable mini bowling set.

Dining Table Teacher said...

I still have stuff left over from last year!

I wait until the store is packed with moms trying to save a buck. I prefer to get mauled while buying glue sticks. Makes it more aerobic. Then I can count it as excercise.