Thursday, December 31, 2009

All you have to do is ask...

Did I mention that my Arkansas Razorbacks are playing in the Liberty Bowl RIGHT HERE IN MEMPHIS??!!

It's this Saturday.

I am super excited!

I've been checking the weather now for the last few days. There is apparently some major arctic cold front something or other moving in on Friday. Great.

The high Saturday is 38.

Kick off is 4:30.

There isn't much daylight left after 4:30.

It's gonna' be cold.

Like long john undies cold.

So I've been doing what any smart sports fan who is going to be sitting in the frigid temps watching a football game would do.

I'm hounding The Weather Man.

(For the record, I don't just stalk our local weather guy and send him weather hate mail. He is a super dear friend who I have known since both of our ages began with "twenty" ... which is a long time ago....)

I've said things like:

"Can't you do something about this?!"
"We're gonna' freeze our bippies off, aren't we?"

He has replied with statements like:

"Sorry, it's gonna' be windy too."
"Do you have a Snuggie?"

Every time I check the forecast, it's the same.....

"Sunny with a high of 38."

Every. Single. Time.

And it always says it's going to be 38....

So yesterday I felt like it was time for more hounding.

Our convo went something like this:

Dear Weatherman --

I know you are just doing your job and reading all the models and looking on the fancy computers and figuring weather formulas and all, but I have just a little tiny favor…..

For the Saturday forecast, do you think you could just say the high will be 40 instead of 38. You've really not budged from that thirty-number. And mentally it would make a HUUUUUUGE difference if I could see that it will be a forty-number. Even if it won't really…..

What's two little degrees???


And thanks.

And Go Hogs.

Your number one fan,

To which he replied:

It will be 40 Saturday.

However, I’m telling everyone else 38 but don’t listen to that.

He's such a good friend.

I feel warmer already.

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JuJu said...

So, how was it? (besides COLD!!) Did you have a ball?
I saw the first quarter of the game, but then was hot tubbing it and chilling. However, I just checked the score, and saw they won in OT. That must have been grrrrreat?