Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Knock Knock

Daughter knocking on my closed bedroom door.

{Knock Knock}

Me: Who is it?

Daughter: Me.

Me: What do you want?

Daughter: In.

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MOM said...

Takes me back----

Kearsie said...

It could be worse. She could've knocked on the door to say...

1. I'm with child.
2. I wrecked the car.
3. I'm with child with the man I wrecked the car with.
4. I ran over the bloggy doggy whilst wrecking the car.
5. I'm adopted.
6. There's a man at the door who claims this is his house and is now going to squat on the lawn.
7. That man also has a dog and he's squatting except he's leaving something behind.
8. I'm running away to join the circus.
9. I want my belly button pierced.
10. I want a tattoo of Harry Potter on my back.
11. I got a tattoo of Harry Potter my back.
12. I wrote on the kitchen table with indelible marker.
13. I was writing in my diary on the kitchen table with indelible marker.
14. I was writing the lyrics to "Push It" by Salt 'n Peppa on the kitchen table with indelible marker.
15. This weird lady, Kearsie, just showed up at the door and says she knows you...

Also, it's possible I've eaten a bit too much today and it's all gone to my head. And hips. And butt.

w said...

that always happens to me. except. instead of my bedroom door, it's my bathroom door. and. instead of knocking, my girls just walk in.

don't tell me to lock the door. because i do.

w said...

also. merry christmas.