Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Post - Long Holiday Weekend Edition

1. Nick's surgery went well yesterday. As his mom said, "Round 1 went to Nick. Cancer took a beating." He still has a long road ahead. But good steps were made yesterday. Thanks for praying for him.

2. The Adventure-Having Daughter and Captain come home home tonight. And yes, she leaves AGAIN next week on another trip. She's a vagabond.

3. Cooper and I have had an exceptional week. Camp Cozy Bed has been a most excellent place. And one night, we may or may not have been in bed at 5:45. Maybe. We've watched our share of America's Funniest Home Videos and have laughed our heads off.

4. I'm off today. And we get Monday as the holiday since it falls on a Sunday. Soooo, I'm off work until Tuesday. Say amen people.

5. I had the consultation yesterday for Jordan's braces. Let's just say we can fix her teeth for the same amount we paid for the new air conditioner. Plus, she has a "challenging mouth" and will have to have 4 teeth pulled AND have jaw surgery. There is some major misalignment of her top and bottom jaws -- some sort of measurement thing which should measure 1.0. Hers measures 7.8. The pulling of the teeth and the putting on of the braces will happen this summer; the jaw surgery won't happen until next summer. The DDS also teaches at the dental college here in town and said she would most definitely be a case study for the dental students. So....blah to all that. Stay tuned. And send money.

6. I'm getting my hair cut today. You're welcome.

7. I'm off work until Tuesday. What? I've already said that? Oh sorry. I'm just slightly excited.

8. I continue to remain ever thankful for our freedom and independence.

9. May hot dogs and fireworks abound for you this weekend.

10. And, finally what's Indendence Day without THIS??!!

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JuJu said...

Man, be sure to take before and after pix of Jordan! And, good luck with the teeth mortgage!
Enjoy your LONG holiday weekend!!

Fingers still crossed for Nick and fam.