Thursday, September 2, 2010

The key to life

Yesterday morning I was sitting in Jordan's room while she was getting ready for school.

We were having a nice little talk.

Now, lest ye think that every morning is so calm and pleasant and we sit and chat over some cinnamon toast like the Cleavers, think again. Because most mornings we are flying out the door, socks and shoes and a granola bar in hand, throwing our stuff in the car and squealing tires to head up to the carpool bus stop to head to school.

But yesterday, for some reason, it was calm and Cleaver-ish. Cinnamon toast and everything.

And we were having a little chatty chat about school and friends and volleyball and boys and life and just stuff.

I remembered a Bible verse I wanted to share with her. So I grabbed my Bible and read it.

Then she waved her flat iron in the air and said, "Ohhhhhh....that reminds me....."

And I sat - in anticipation - waiting to hear what she would say.

Waiting to hear her tell me that verse fit perfectly with something we had just been talking about.

I waited for some "parental success story" - one of those times when you pat yourself on your parenting back and say "Yes, that clicked. That worked."

I waited for her to thank me for sharing it. To tell me it will help her. I sat there on her bed with high expectations of a Proud Mom Moment.

Instead she looked right at me and said, "I learned how to pick a lock yesterday."

Yep, she is the daughter of a cop.

Me: "What?"

Jordan: "Yeah, we needed to get the volleyball nets out of the equipment closet and the door was locked. So I picked it."

Me: "Don't tell your dad."

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

I've GOT to know where that is in the bible?

Cameron and Rachel said...

and what bible verse was that??
Dad must be so proud :)