Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am...

...sad about Japan.

...proud of myself for throwing away five huge bags of stuff we apparently thought we needed to hang onto for ten years.

...excited that I removed a mirror from a big ol' dresser, moved the big ol' dresser to the playroom, and moved another medium size dresser to the empty wall where the big ol' dresser was.

...sore. (see above)

...way turned off by hearing Cooper grind his teeth in his sleep. It's. So. Bad.

...happy that I took a few days off to hang at home.

...wishing I had the whole week off.

...convinced I have that sickness where you never want to leave your house.

...certain I have exceeded the maximum daily allowance of Go Fish and Crazy Eights. I've also played my fair share of Toss Up and HyperSlide.

...ready to see some sunshine.

...fired up about March Madness. Even though I'm already 0-2 with my play-in games. Blah.

...rooting for my Tigers.

...ready to tackle this day.

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JuJu said...

I am...
going to steal this idea? Please?