Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Taking the mound....

So guess who was the starting pitcher at last night's baseball game?

#16 in your program...#1 in your heart....


I was a wreck.

And I felt very pukish there for awhile.

I wanted to scream, "GO LOVE WAFFLE!"

Because I call him that sometimes.

And he pretends to hate that.

But I know he really loves it.

But I dug deep and refrained from the Love Waffle cheer.

And I just hollered regular ol' acceptable parental cheering things.

And he did great.

And stood out there on that pitcher's mound and wound up and scrunched up his little face and threw that ball.

Threw some strikes.

Allowed some hits.

And spit.

He spit a lot.

It was hilarious.

And I'm sure that JuJu's brother who may or may not be a college baseball head coach will be calling today to arrange a recruiting visit.

Because I'm sure he considers the overall cuteness and adorableness factor of guys in addition to their baseball skills.

If that's the case, Coop's got a full-ride headed his way.

Y'all have a good day and be nice. I'm going to go hug my coffee pot right now.

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Just tell me this, how does he look in black and gold? Because those are Mizzou colors!

I can totally see him spittin' and grinnin'. But, I still want some pix at some point.

Go Cooper! Go Mama!

Steve said...

I think that "overall cuteness and adorableness factor" always take a backseat to spittitude.