Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another late night with a heartbreaker

So after staying up until 1am on Monday night dealing with the heartbreaking loss of the Grizzlies,

I stayed up until 1am last night dealing with the heartbreaking loss of Jordan's boyfriend.

First of many, I know.

I know.

It's just part of life.

But man....

It's hard.

And while it was a relatively short relationship - about a month - they've known each other forever from church.

And may I remind you, that a month, to a teenager, is a sweet forever.

They fell into it pretty fast and pretty hard.

And it's not like I can say, "Oh he's a jerk and you deserve better and he didn't treat you right" and all that stuff.

Because that isn't really the case.

Which I think makes it harder.

The reasons are a bit complicated - and let's just say they are both pretty sad about it.

I am feeling pretty helpless as a mom right now.

And I don't like that feeling.

I can't fix this one.

Or make it better.

So we just sit here and cry together.

And try to pick up the pieces.

And eat mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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JuJu said...

I feel you mama.
Taylor dated her first love for close to two years and MY heart broke when they broke up. It's so hard to be a mama.
Just wrap her in your arms. That's all you can do.
Well, and eat that ice cream.

KaseysKrazyMommy said...

Jordan is so lucky to have you. My mom wasn't that kind of mom, so I pretty much suffered and ate ice cream all by myself.

I know I wouldn't want to go back to being a teenage girl! Especially in today's world.

Hugs to you both.