Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nada gato

The Captain and Cooper came home the other night and Coop was obviously very mad about something.

He stomped off to his room as soon as he walked in the door.

So I went to investigate.

"What's wrong, Cooper?"

"Your husband. That's what's wrong."

I left the room post haste so I wouldn't laugh at that hilarious but slightly disrespectful comment.

More investigation.

Ahhhh, Cooper had asked - AGAIN - if he could have a cat.

And the Captain had said - AGAIN - he could not have a cat.

Cue the pouting.

No cats at this casa.

Coop has promised to keep it in his room. In a box. Under his bed.

Sorry, kid. No cats.

And ok, I have no idea what I really said in that title up there. In my limited Spanish, I have titled this No Cats. But who knows what it really says. Hope it's nothing dirty.

OK, adios amigos.

Which I think really does mean bye friends.

I think...



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JuJu said...

Tell Cooper he can come live with me. We have three cats in our casa.
and the dog.

It's a big hairy tumbleweed we live in.