Monday, July 18, 2011

Hey, I know you!

So Cooper went to a golf clinic last week with some of his little guy friends.

The golf course is one of the city's nicer, more expensive, upscale courses. It's even owned by a famous, hot, celebrity guy who is actually from Memphis.

The Captain and two of his policey friends met up with him there on Friday and the four of them were going to play 18 holes. Everybody was kind of excited about playing on this course.

It was Cooper's first time to play a full 18. And the first time Cooper had played with any other adults other than the Captain. It was a big day...

So, the Captain, his policey friends and little ol' Coop all strutted into the fancy schmantzy clubhouse on Friday.

Everybody all excited....

Looking around. Checking it out.

The place to see and be seen.

There were a few local high profilers sitting in there. Unfortunately, no sight of the famous, hot, celeb owner guy, but whatever.

And, sure enough, somebody recognizes somebody.

Because that's when the pro shop guy said, "Well, hey Cooper! You still hanging around today?!"

And the guy that brought them their cart said, "Hey Coop - how's it going?!"

And the golf instructor there said, "Cooper, you going to play 18?"

Everybody knew the nine year old ...

That's my boy!

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He's a superstar!