Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ain't nothing but a thing

It got reeeeeal hot in our house.

And we determined that our air conditioner was acting up.


If you will recall, this air conditioner is only one year old. And it required selling one of the Captain's kidneys to pay for it. Because did you know a new air conditioner costs $215,107,687?

But, apparently, there was a small leak in the outside thing which caused a lot of water to drain out of the inside upstairs thing and run down into the other thing.

And it's never good when the Captain comes downstairs out of the attic and says there is water running out of the thing down into the other thing.

And when the Air Conditioner Man attempted to fix the small leak in the outside thing, it sprung a larger leak in the other outside thing.

And I have no idea how or why there is water involved in an air conditioner anyway. Because it's air. That's cold. But apparently there is water in there somewhere. And I am apparently not good with science. Or physics. Or whatever that concept would involve. I really don't get that.

And I don't understand how a small leak in the outside thing has anything to do with the inside upstairs thing. But it does. So they say.

But all I know is there is no water leaking out of any of my things.

And we have self-regulated air once again.


All is right with the world.

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JuJu said...

I find myself going crazy when the a/c isn't working. I can almost understand people losing their minds at that point.
The Ju doesn't deal well with sweat.

I hope today is a nice cool uneventful day!