Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Haiku

Survived crazy week.
It was full of volleyball.
Lots more this weekend.

Jerseys are still wet.
Didn't make it out of wash.
Tumble dry on low.

Bring me some coffee.
Hot, strong, black, big cup.
Cannot get enough java.

College football. Rah!
Most wonderful time of year.
Wish it wasn't hot.

Peace and love to you
Time to get it all rolling
Y'all wake up! Wake up!

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The Best Sister in the World said...

Those stupid volleyball jerseys with their washing instructions. What kind of sports jersey is made to where you can't wash it in hot or even warm and you can't use bleach, even color safe bleach. "Wash in cold, but not too cold"....really??? They will be rank by season's end.

JuJu said...

I will think of you
When big boys tackle others
And crunch others bones

Have a GREAT weekend!

Steve said...

Monday - holiday
Coming at just the right time
And hey, football, too!