Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lips and knees and nothing

So, yeah, the beach. Love.

It was a short trip. But a trip to the beach nonetheless.

We left after Jordan's volleyball game on Thursday night. Which scheduled our ETA for 1:30 am. Which is ridiculous. It got a little dicey between 11:45 pm and 1:00 am. That's when the Captain was sitting on the edge of the driver's seat begging for M & M's and searching the abandoned Mississippi highways for a caffeinated beverage. To no avail. Well, I provided the M & M's. But couldn't come up with a drink. *yawn*

The next three days featured a frenzy of nothingness. Which is fine with me.

Six of the folks in our "sort of" group that I knew but didn't know ended up leaving on Thursday afternoon so they weren't even there. And four of the folks in our "real" group left on Saturday. So it ended up being the four of us, the Captain's MIL, and her friend. And NOT Connie. Which made me sad. Because as we discussed, it was the first time in 15 years I've been to the beach without her. And that's just not ok.

We slept and read and ate and watched football (including a big ol' Hog win! Woop woop!) And it doesn't get any better than that.

Jordan has finally seen the beachy light and just wanted to sit on the beach the whole weekend. Cooper isn't quite there yet because he was beyond obsessed with the indoor pool. Really? The INDOOR pool.

And the washer broke so we didn't even have to do laundry. And that was fine too. Although it's a proven fact that vacation laundry isn't nearly as painful as home laundry. But no laundry is best of all.

I got some ridiculous sunburned kneecaps. Which I really have no explanation for other than they were at a direct angle to the sun while I sat in the beach chair doing nothing except sitting and reading and dozing and watching the surf.

I apparently got sunburned lips too. Because on Sunday morning I woke up looking like Angelina Jolie with Botox gone bad. My bottom lip was humongously swollen. I looked like a complete goober. With a big ol' lip. And red kneecaps.

All good things must come to an end, and Monday morning we headed home.

That's when we found the volleyball bag - with a four day old, less than fresh, volleyball uniform. Major stinko.

So now we are home. And laundry is done. And my lip isn't swollen anymore. And my kneecaps are fine.

The end.

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Steve said...

I always wonder about people swimming at the hotel pools at the beach. When we are there, we never visit the pool. It doesn't have any waves.

And maybe the new mafia threat could be, "I'm gonna sunburn your kneecaps!" I'm already shaking just thinking about it.

JuJu said...

yet more proof that we are kindred spirits---I am constantly burning my kneecaps.

I'm so glad you got a few days of rest. But, be sure to take Connie next time, eh?