Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Thermostat wars.  Office probs

One thermostat is in the central file room. And it controls one side of the hallway.

H likes to set this on 80.  EIGHTY.  Really? 

The other thermostat is in D's office.  And it controls the other side of the hallway - which is the side my office is on. 

Well, D also likes things a bit ... shall we say ... toasty.  And he likes to set the thermostat on 77.  One reason for this is because he has a self-proclaimed issue with the numbers 4 and 7.  Thus, the 77. 

Personally, I think 77 is just a tad too warm.    I think he also needs some iron in his diet.  Or a coat for his office.

72 is my preference.

But, in an effort for office peace and to appease D and his number hang ups, I set it on 74. 

And then things cool down a little bit for a little bit.   And I am happy.

And then, before I know it, D has pushed it back up to 77.  And, it starts heating up again.   And I am hot and irritable.

And, H has pushed the other thermostat back up to 78. Sometimes 80.  EIGHTY.

Should I really have sweat forming on my brow while I just sit at my desk and TYPE?  I think not.


I know I probably sound like the overweight middle age woman "IT'S HOT IN HERE!!!"

But, for the love, 77 is too hot.

Yesterday I figured I'd just start taking my clothes off and then they would all be like My eyes! My eyes!  Whoaaaaa OK already let's turn the air down. 

But I figured a simpler solution would be better received.  So yesterday I just went bought a little fan for my desk.   And it's described as the "The Vornado flippi:  the personal circulator with personality"  Kind of like me...    It's cute and it's little and it's red.  I love him. 

The end.

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

God Bless your new friend, the fan.

I try to keep it as cold as humanly possible in our office. These young gals can be seen sporting blankets at their desks. Puh-lease. It's not THAT cold.


Colleen said...

We have no control over the temp in the store so its either freezing cold or hot as heck. Throw in a few hot flashes and moving furniture around and you can work up a good sweat without going to the gym!

Sometimes blankets are not a bad idea. You should see how people dress to shop! Last week we had a girl in a see through white eyelet skirt with a black thong underneath.

KaseysKrazyMommy said...

You'd DIE at my house... but in an effort to avoid bankruptcy, the A/C is set at 79 degrees at our house most of the day... from 1pm to 8pm it goes to 82... I'm awful, aren't I?

I'd LOVE it if it was cooler than that... but we live in the middle of the desert... and I would probably have to take out a 2nd mortgage(possibly a 3rd too) to pay the light bill if it was set much lower than that.

I work from my home office 3 or 4 days a week. I sweat just typing... it's not pretty... but necessity overrides vanity sometimes... (and I can get away with much less clothing at home) ;)