Tuesday, June 5, 2012

baby time

Had a great weekend with the Captain's sisters and little niece.  If you haven't played with a sweet, happy little eight month old lately, then I highly recommend it.   Preh-shusss.

The Captain and I got to keep Baby K yesterday for a few hours.

Cooper was a little worried about my being alone with a baby.

"Have you ever been alone with a little baby, Mom?"

Ummmm, yes.   A few times.

 "What if you have to change her diaper?"

Done that.  A few times.

Actually, the Captain did the diaper changing.

I heard him in there talking to her in a little baby talk voice:

"You've got Elmo on your paaaannnnnnnntieeeeeeees."

Tough guy.

Alrighty, I'm headed to work.

Although I'd rather stay home and watch all the Queen's Diamond Jubilee stuff. 


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