Friday, August 10, 2012

boo hoo

It's almost over.

Bye summer. 

I'm sad.

Really sad.

I'm in denial really.

Yes, we bought school supplies.  But they are all still in bags tucked away. Outta' sight, outta' mind.

I wish it could be summer for my kids forever.

Monday's gonna' be rough for the Coopster.

Then comes Tuesday.  Poor Jordan.

She's got big plans with Jane Eyre this weekend.

Talk about denial. 

She denied summer reading allllll summer.    But did manage to knock out two books this week. 

And, on top of all this tragedy, the Olympics end on Sunday.

So, let's recap.  Homework, bedtime, lunchboxes.  And no Olympics. 


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JuJu said...

Stupid end of summer.
At least you have your supplies already, Super Mom!

Good luck to Jordan. Tell her to hang in there for Jane Eyre.