Tuesday, August 14, 2012

here we go

Survived the first day of fifth grade.

Fifth grade.

It's just not right.

Sunday night I told Coop it was time to go to bed since it was back to school time.

"Mom, I don't have to be smart tomorrow. I just have to have good handwriting."

OK, then. Probably so.

Jordan starts today.

I really can't say out loud how old she is because I'll start crying.

But, it starts with a soph and ends with an omore.

So, here we go.

Buckle in, people. It's back to school.

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Cooper's statement could probably just apply to his whole mantra for life.

Svee said...

God bless you Angie. We start back next week and I am dreading it :( Anthony is starting a new school where he knows no one or the building. Please pray for him. Time flies doesn't it? And in a couple years it will be college for our girls....Lord help us!!! Enjoy the day and make the most of every minute.
Luv ya sweet friend. ..God bless, Sherry