Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Operation Skunk Capture

Exciting times last night at mi casa.

We had been to the volleyball game, out to dinner, and I had just returned from driving Jordan over to a friend's house for a late movie. And, no, I'm not too proud to do that wearing pajama pants, monkey slippers and a big ol' clip in my hair. 

I walked in the back door I was met with the smell of smells.

The Skunk Smell.

And the Captain was giving Gauge a bath.

Yep, the Bloggie Doggie had been sprayed by a skunk. Poor baby. This happened a few weeks ago, but the Captain didn't believe it was a skunk.  Not real sure what he thought it was that made his dog all stinky like a skunk.  But, anyway, last night, conversion happened and he was a believer.

And before I knew it, the Captain sitting over there mumbling to himself  and doing a Google search on  "Repelling skunks from your yard." and "How to build a live animal trap."

He headed to the Wallie at 10:30 for some skunk repellant supplies and returned with panty hose and moth balls.   What a vision. 

A man with a plan. Out to the back yard with his flashlight and his panty hose filled moth balls.  Then he set a metal trap that he already had. The trap that is pretty good size.  The trap that the Captain said "may not be big enough for this skunk".  Wha?  That's when I became a little concerned about skunk size.  And repeated over and over to the Captain, "Just how big is a skunk?   Show me with your hands.  SHOW ME WITH YOUR HANDS."   Apparently skunks can be quite biggish creatures. 

There are folks who have their own reality show about stuff like this.  The Captain, Skunk Hunter.

So yes, at midnight I was waiting for Jordan to get home from the movie, and trying to get skunk and moth ball smell out of my house.

And watching for the skunk.

It's a glamorous life.

Remember The Creature? I think this skunk may be our culprit.

The Captain is armed and ready.

Operation Skunk Capture.

It's war.

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JuJu said...

Oh, poor Gauge!
Skunks always remind me of the Partridge Family Episode when one got on the bus and they all had to bathe in tomato juice.

Good luck on ridding him from your yard!!

Colleen said...

Bear was sitting here looking at me while I was reading and laughing at the same time.

I think that until you have a dog skunked and you smell that smell you don't understand the skunked dog smell (or the sad look on the face of the skunked dog).

I had one get skunked twice in one day, yes the first time was not enough she had to go back for seconds. I wasn't sure she had gotten skunked so being the not the smartest person on the planet I put my nose right up to her face and took a giant wiff. Well, everything smelled like skunk for a long time. BTW the vet will not take skunked dogs for some odd reason.

Glad there are no skunks here!

I await updates on the skunk eradication project (and pictures!).

Anonymous said...

I understand that bathing in tomato juice is supposed to get rid of the skunk smell. Good luck!