Friday, November 30, 2012

Go Jordan Go!

Big day tomorrow.

There's a big group of folks from church who are running the St. Jude Half Marathon tomorrow in memory of Nick .... Team Nick.  Annnnnd, Jordan is one of them!!

I'm so excited for her!

My niece and nephew are running too!

I'm having an unknown number of teenagers over tonight for a pasta party.  A few are spending the night. So, we'll get everybody carbo loaded, hydrated, tucked in and hope for a good night's sleep.

Then we will be out the door at dark-thirty in the morning to get downtown.

The Boyfriend and Connie are going too, and we'll find a spot along the route where we can cheer them on.

Jordan had lower body conditioning at volleyball this week and yesterday she could hardly walk down the stairs without ouching.  I'm hoping her legs will decide to rejoin her body so she can push it 13.1 miles tomorrow.

So, send some good vibes tomorrow for Jordan and the other members of Team Nick!

Run Jordan Run!

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JuJu said...

you are raising a great kid.

Colleen said...

What JuJu said! You must be so proud!