Friday, June 27, 2008

Diggin' the Draft

Derrick Rose! Your number 1 overall NBA draft pick! Woo-Hoo for him!! That's the highest a Memphis Tiger has ever gone in the draft. (Penny Hardaway went 3rd in 1993). Rose stands to make over $4 million a year. He's 19.....But good for him. He'll do well as long as he keeps his head on straight. It's exciting.

Crazy goings on with the Grizzlies who picked Mike Love 5th, but later traded him for #3 O.J. Mayo. Grizzlies also traded Mike Miller and Brian Cardinal. I really can't get into the Grizzlies. Oh well. I did read that O.J. Mayo was considered the most NBA ready player among the 2nd tier (which I guess eliminates Rose & Beasley).

Joey Dorsey went 3rd in the 2nd (33rd overall) to Trail Blazers but was traded late in the night to the Houson Rockets.

The biggest surprise and disappointment all night was Chris Douglas-Roberts who tumbled to 10th in the 2nd (40th overall) and was drafted by the New Jersey Nets. They got a sweet deal for him. But what happened?!? He had been projected to go somewhere in the 20s in the 1st. Poor guy. Even ESPN's Jay Bilas said "It's inexplicable." Too bad it happened that way for him. Wish he had stayed one more year now....But again, everybody thought he'd go in the 1st round.

Can't believe Joey Dorsey went ahead of CDR. And I can't believe the Grizzlies passed on both CDR and Dorsey with their 28th pick.
Wasn't it something like 4 of the top 5 picks were freshmen? That's nuts. I think it was 12 freshman were drafted last night. But how do you tell a kid to stay in school when he has 2 or 3 million dollars being wagged in his face.....

Robin Lopez should have thought twice about putting on the hat....

Oh well. Enough about all that. It was fun to see who ended up where. Anne and I were talking yesterday that this year it seemed like we were familiar with so many more players probably because the Tigers played so many teams on our magical run through the NCAA tourny. But I'm proud of the three Tigers. I guess we do consider them like our own kids and we want them to do well.

Celebrate today! It's National Lemonade Day and National Sunglasses Day. Perfect for a day like today where it's supposed to hit 94 degrees.

Gauge thinks he'll just stay inside and sleep on my bed.....

Happy Friday!!

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