Thursday, June 26, 2008

Look Mom, no cavities!

I went to the dentist yesterday. You really don't realize what a huge feat that is for me. I hate HATE HATE going to the dentist. It's not my DENTIST. I love my dentist. He's a super nice guy. We even go to church together. It's just the whole dental experience. It had been awhile since I had gone for a cleaning. I know, I know, you're really supposed to do that twice a year.....whatever....but then I found this little chip on one of my back teeth. Shoot. That meant I really had to go to the dentist. So I decided I would make two appointments, one for my fixing and one for my cleaning. Well, they're not stupid there at my dentist's office - I have a big chicken sticker on my chart - so when I called to make TWO appointments, they were so sweet and said just come Wednesday afternoon and we can do your cleaning and your fixing. How sweet of them. They figured once they had me in the door, they'd better do everything they needed to. So, I had my cleaning. No cavities!!! Pretty good for somebody who hasn't been to the dentist in...a long time. And then he just made a new little toothy tooth back there. It only took 20 minutes. And didn't even hurt. And I left there without having to have the gas. It was a miraculous day I tell you. So now, I'm sporting some clean, shiny white teethies!

After my trip to the dentist, I got home and fixed a quick dinner before we headed to church. It had been a very relaxing day for the ol' kiddies because they still had on their PJs at 5pm. I told Cooper to put on some "Poopah shorts" (khaki cargo shorts - Daddy just loved those kind of shorts - lots of pockets!) and a "nice striped tshirt". He came out of his room wearing some black soccer shorts and a Tennessee jersey, both of which are lovingly handed down lovingly by big cousin Trenton. "What happened to the Poopah shorts and the nice shirt?" "I wanted to wear my cousins shorts and my cousins shirt." Jordan then appeared wearing a cute little number - jeans, grey t-shirt, little white sweater, big clunky earrings. She looked cute. Then I realized the grey t-shirt was a shirt that Daddy used to wear that Jordan now wears as a NIGHT SHIRT. She said she just wanted to be able to come home and take off her jeans and sweater and be ready for bed! I just pick my battles. Hey, we all made it to church!

Got up bright and early today (ok, so it wasn't bright, it was just early) and did my Fit Yum Mum workout. It was great. Well, most of it was great. The intervals were super. It felt great and I am really happy with my speed and how that felt. The exercises were a bit tricky. I managed to do most of them. I *hate* lunges and squats. They really hurt my knees. But I did the best I could. And those planks - ugh. For the birds. (Here's a picture of a side plank. Harder than it looks.) But it was a good workout. The A/C is being fixed this afternoon (yea!!) so it was still toasty up there. I was dripping with sweat. Felt like I had gone to one of those Bikram Yoga classes where you do yoga in a burning up room. People pay good money to exercise in 105 degree rooms. And look at me - getting it for free!

GUESS WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS TODAY?!?!?!? My boyfriend!!!!! Lots of big birthday kisses to Derek Jeter who turns 34.

Today is also National Handshake Day.

Gauge the Bloggie Doggie has many toys. And I have to say, this doggie really loves playing with his toys. This is one of his faves. We call it "The Blue Thing". How original.

I love summer. Does it get any better than this?

Thanks to pal Patti who picked these perfect peaches with her parents, and her peeps at her place of profession profited with a portion. Wasn't that pun positively pukish?

Have a great day everybody!

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jordan said...

derek jeter is only 34!!!!!!!!!!

jordan said...

i wish i didnt have any cavities....