Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday...par for the course

I was starting to complain about having to put my sprinkler out in the yard to water my dry grass and flowers. Then I thought about everybody in the midwest who has more water than they know what to do with. Those poor people. And just think about all the trouble that comes along with all that water - mosquitos, sewage, just plain yuk. That's just awful.

Did anybody get any work done today between noon and 3pm? Or was everybody watching or listening or reading online blogs about the US Open? Even if you are not a golfer or fan of golf, you would still have to have enjoyed that wild tournament and yet another amazing win for Tiger. He's just beyond human it seems. Has anybody wondered why it's called a double eagle when it's only 3 under par? How can that be? A birdie is 1 under par. An eagle is 2 under par. So how can a DOUBLE eagle be 3 under par? Shouldn't it be a double BIRDIE? That's so stupid.

Cooper found a Sharpie marker and added some decoration to his class tshirt. The teacher made tshirts with all the kids names on it and they wore it to their end of the year party on the last day of school. Can you tell who he is particularly fond of? Ahhh young love.....

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