Monday, June 23, 2008

No turning back. It's paid for.

I am officially signed up to run the Hope 5k and Fun Walk on July 12!! I have already submitted my registration and paid so there is no backing out now. (That's a sure fire way to carry through on a for it....). Jodi said sign him up - so he's in too!

Several reasons I'm doing this:

1. One of my post-marathon goals is to run in some 5ks. It's just 3.1 miles. Very, very doable for me.

2. This one is LITERALLY in my back yard. In fact, my house is on the course map's aerial view. We will probably just walk to the start line anyway. So 1,000 bonus points for convenience.

3. It's just a few weeks away so I won't get 'out of the running mood'. I don't want to get too content with not running.

4. Hope is a huge church and I'm guessing there will be lots of people participating. Including those in the 'fun walk' category. So I shouldn't be the caboose in this one.

So, I've got to get moving so I can at least hang on to what little bit of endurance I had built up from the marathon. Time for the ol' turtle to lace up her kicks!

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