Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Treadmill and Trivia

I hit the treadmill this morning. Our A/C is still out upstairs, but I figured it wasn't any hotter up there than it would be outside, and if I stayed inside, I could watch TV. So, a nice little run on the ol' treadmill it was. I did work on my speed toward the end of my run. I'm pleased with how I did there. Looking forward to continuing to work on my pace. I did some core exercises on the floor and on the ball too. When it was all over, I was dripping with sweat. But it felt great.

I'm not sure why I still have a very tight hamstring and an occasional twinge in my shin. I'm debating whether to get my shin x-ray'd for fear of what he may see. I just don't want it to be a stress fracture. Although it wouldn't be as bad to find that now as opposed to finding it before the marathon. I've at least made it through what I really wanted to do. But sometimes I am wondering if that's what it is. So I've just been ignoring it. Which I know isn't necessarily a wise thing to do. I'll see how I feel today after running this morning.

Today's trivia....Anyone want to guess what the #1 country song 16 years ago today was? Here's a hint: His daughter (who just turned 16) currently has 2 songs in the top 50, one of which is one of the top 10 downloads on iTunes. That year, he had the #1 song....and a baby......

What a riot. Check out that hair and those moves. We will all be singing that today won't we?

Gauge says hello.

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