Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh Baby!

Interesting little story on msnbc.com last week about celebrity baby photos and how much magazines are paying these stars for letting them put the first glimpse of the star baby on their cover. People are just obsessed with seeing the little celebrity darlings and will shuck out some cash to buy a magazine that has the photo on it. The article talks about Lucille Ball and her baby, Desi Arnaz Jr., being one of the first babies on a magazine cover. It was actually the first issue of TV Guide.

They are saying that a picture of the Pitt-Jolie twins could go for as much as $15 million. $15 million?!? For a BABY PICTURE?!? What would $15 million buy? According to this related story, here are just a few ways you could spend your money:

  • 5,016,722 Big Macs
  • 3,713,790 gallons of gas
  • 12,500 37" flat screen LCD TV's
  • 75,000 iPhones
  • 882 brand new Honda Civics
  • 1,153,846 packs of Pampers diapers

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jordan said...

i never thought any onecould look like that..... billy ray cyrus???? to bad im alll jonas brothers......