Monday, July 14, 2008

The 5k Results

Here's how we fared:

315 total runners

I finished 281 overall
15:35 per mile
13 out of 16 in my age group

The Captain finished 113 overall
9:21 per mile
11 out of 21 in his age group

Hey - I set a PR (personal record) for this 5k. Ha Ha Ha. (Since it was my first official 5k, anything would be a PR.) As you can see, The Captain is very fast.

Did I tell you he came back up the last part of the course to run with me to the finish line? And he brought me some water. We walked a bit. Then he said "OK - ready? Let's go Turtle." And encouraged me to keep running to the finish line. There were some guys cheering everybody toward the end and they said "Good job Ma'am. Looking good sir." And I said "Oh he finished 30 minutes ago. He just came back to get me." And they whooped and hollered "Oh what a man! Good job Sir. That's a MAN!" They were funny.

There were two women walking ahead of us, and I barely trotted by them flew by them at lightening speed to the finish. That was probably a bit rude according to runner's etiquitte, but hey, I was trying to set a PR. Ha. Plus, four women had already passed me. So I had to make up some places.

Saturday after we finished, in the middle of my heat stroke, I told Jodi that I had finally come to the realization that I wasn't a runner and I really just couldn't pull it off. I decided I wasn't going to run any more races. Ever. But now, two days later, I am reconsidering. After all, I have to set a new PR!

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