Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, Monday...So Good To Me....

Happy Bastille Day to all mon amies!

I was going to hit the treadmill for Fit Yum Mum and intervals this morning, but when I got up, my right IT band was flared up a little bit and my left shin was hurting. So, since it appeared I was falling apart, I opted for the extra hour of sleep.

The additional snoozing was actually welcomed since I stayed up too late reading my book. I thought I would finish it last night, but just couldn't make it. It's a good one. I actually didn't start it until yesterday afternoon, but in typical James Patterson fashion, it's been easy to plow through. Jordan started a new book yesterday too and finished it up about 11 pm.

Tonight is the Home Run Derby. I'll try to tune into part of that, even though I do not have any fave players participating.

The Bloggie Doggie loves to lay right beside me in the mornings while I'm getting ready.

So poor Miss USA falls down during the Miss Universe pageant. Poor thing. Didn't last year's Miss USA do the same thing?

Nice that the humidity is gone for awhile. Wish it had been like this on Saturday morning during the 5k. Oh well...Still no final results posted for the race. Maybe today.

Back to the grind today. *sigh*. Happy Monday people.

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