Thursday, July 24, 2008

And then there were four

Every one is now back where they belong. Nice to have everybody home.

The Bloggie Doggie was especially glad to see The Captain. There was excessive wagging during their reunion. Mostly from The Bloggie Doggie. Although there may have been a small waggle from The Captain too. Then the celebridog got picked up and carried around like a baby. And while it looks like he is smiling, he really did not care for it.

Happy Birthday today to Michael Richards, more famously known as Kramer from Seinfeld. Loved him on that show. Funny guy. He turns 59. I didn't realize he was that old. My dad's former girlfriend Lynda Carter, aka Wonder Woman, turns 57. And in the 'do you care' department, Jennifer Lopez (who I read is training for a triathalon) turns 40, Bindi Irwin turns 10, and Barry Bonds turns 44.

And a funny little video for you about a monkey in Japan who escaped from his cage. Watch when he grabs the guy's tranquilizer gun. I admit I laughed out loud while I watched this. Connie, they may have needed you to do some translating for them....

Have you seen the commercial for Cellular South where it shows the daughter talking non stop through various stages in her life. Just talking and talking and talking. And then her mother gives her a cell phone so she can talk to somebody besides her mother? And it's something like "unlimit who she can talk to" That is so hilareous. I can *so* relate to that one. My own Talking Daughter is using that one as the latest persuasive argument in her quest for a cell phone.

Have a real good day people.

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