Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Run King

Did you catch the Home Run Derby last night? Well, you really didn't need to watch all of it. Just Josh Hamilton's amazing performance. He hit 28 homers in the first round. But in the last round, he was outscored and didn't win, even though he hit 13 more total runs than the winner. The guy was just totally on fiiii-yaaaaa. It was really awesome. Good for him. He's had a rough past, but is now on a good road.

Tonight is the All-Star Game. My boyfriend will be making his 9th appearance. Cheer for your favorite shortstop!!! We will have to flip between the game and that Wipeout show that my kids are nuts about. I do admit, it is kind of funny though. But my boyfriend is cuter. In case you need a little reminder.....

Celebrating birthdays today are Willie Aames who is 48. Remember him from Eight is Enough and also Charles in Charge? (Wasn't Scott Baio in that? Wasn't he Charles?) And Linda Ronstadt turns 62. You know, she's been cheated, been mistreated, when will she be loved?

The Bloggie Doggie will get a washcloth if we leave it hanging on the side of the tub. Maybe he feels like he needs a bath. He makes sure you see him.

And then, in typical Bloggie Doggie fashion, he ignores you.

Check out my flower pot on my back patio. I planted lantana in there (one of my new favorite summer plants) and apparently a gerber daisy was still in there from last year. Tah-dah! Isn't that pretty? What nice little surprise.

A few blooms happening on the ol' tomato plant back there. Stay tuned. The heat is really giving him some problems.

Finally, my shin is still hurting pretty bad. I didn't even exercise this morning because I felt like running or walking would not be in my best interest. Although I could have done some Pilates, but I chose to just use the tib/fib pain as an overall excuse. Anyway, am thinking about getting an xray today. I will be a non-compliant patient and will totally refuse to be put in a cast or a boot. I would certainly do whatever the doctor tells me to do. And as much as I want to find out what the real problem is, I'm almost afraid to hear what he'll tell me. I'm still undecided about this one. It's not like I'm still training for the marathon or have any plans. I just don't know.....

The Captain is out of town until Friday night. Kids are being sweet and enjoying VBS. Although we are about to enter that awful two week period before school starts where they are ready to go back to school even though they do not know they are ready to go back to school. My goal is to get school supplies Thursday night. That's always fun and we enjoy doing that together. I remember doing that as a kid and just not being able to wait for my school supply list to come in the mail. That was an early sign of my obsession with paper, pens, notebooks and things like that. I can hyperventilate when I go in an Office Depot. I have passed that gene on to my daugher.

OK people, this post has gone on long enough, and there's probably nobody reading anymore anyway. So I'm signing off.

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